Ways to load a file to PostgresPosted on

To write a post about async queries I first need to load some data to Postgres. The data came form https://www.kaggle.com/CooperUnion/anime-recommendations-database. I wanted to use real data and I’m an anime fan, so it was the perfect fit. It’s a CSV file so there is no normalization. That’s ok. If there was this would be a short post. I decided to try several ways of loading the data to see which would be fastest. To be honest, I already knew which one was going to win I wanted to see how close I could get using other methods without over engineering it or getting cute with the code. I ended up going there anyway, but the method that came in a close second was a simple solution.
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Why async is important to a web servicePosted on

At a high level, ASP.Net uses a thread pool to process requests. How many threads is based on a number of factors including configuration and work load. New threads will be added to the pool as needed but there is a startup penalty. According to ASP.NET Thread Usage on IIS 7.5, IIS 7.0 and IIS 6.0, it only adds 2 per second. If there is a sudden burst of activity, it will take time to spin up new threads. One way to avoid the penalty is to make the best use of the threads available.
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